Gallery: Molting


Monk seals aren’t always so cute and lovable. See how they look when they shed their skin in a process called molting.

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  • Hi,
    DB sent me the link to your website. Awesome job!! I am one of the monk seal volunteers on Molokai. Had the priviledge of spending time with KP2 while he was here and do weekly treks to Laau Pt to help in monitoring the seals that frequent that area. Love all the photos and wish you well in working towards your masters. Let me know if you would like some photos of our gang here on Molokai (seals that is)
    Take care,
    val bloy

  • Thanks! Please come back on April 19 for the full story. If you’d like to add your own experiences/reflections of KP2 or any monk seal please do!

  • I am trying to get it published!

  • Thanks so much!

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